Uganda zip code – The Complete List

What is Uganda zip code

Uganda do not make use of zip code or postal code. Zip code is used in some  Countries like Canada, USA etc but it is not used  in Uganda. That shouldn’t stop you from using a zip code,  Most people have resorted to using 00000 or 12345 as Uganda zip code.   keep in mind that 00000 or 12345 is not the  zip code for Uganda but you can use it since Uganda doesn’t make use of zip code. read the article below to fully learn what zip code is and how it works.

256 is not Uganda Zip code or postal code

Please don’t confuse yourself, 256 or +256 is not Uganda Zip code or postal code. 256 is Uganda telephone dialling codes or Uganda calling code.  Learn more about zip codes here

What to do when you are asked for Uganda zip code

If you are asked to fill in your zip code in an  form, please it will be wise to leave it blank. But in a situation where it is compulsory to fill in your zip code then your can use 0000 or 00256 as Uganda zip code. Please note that 0000 or 00256 are not Uganda zip code as Uganda doesn’t make use of zip code.

Cities In Uganda zip code

The cites/town listed below has  no zip code or postal code
Gulu has no zip code or postal code
Kampala has no zip code or postal code
Namirembe has no zip code or postal code
Kagugube has no zip code or postal code.
Mengo has no zip code or postal code
Makindye has no zip code or postal code
Kyebando has no zip code or postal code
Bugolobi has no zip code or postal code
Bwaise has no zip code or postal code
Kigowa has no zip code or postal code
Bukoto has no zip code or postal code
Namasuba has no zip code or postal code
Lugala has no zip code or postal code.
Masajja has no zip code or postal code
Kisaasi has no zip code or postal code
Buye has no zip code or postal code
Nakawa has no zip code or postal code
Mbuya has no zip code or postal code
Mutundwe has no zip code or postal code.
Nabweru has no zip code or postal code
Kyambogo has no zip code or postal code
Busega has no zip code or postal code
Bunamwaya has no zip code or postal code
Mpanga has no zip code or postal code
Kawempe has no zip code or postal code
Gaba has no zip code or postal code
Luzira has no zip code or postal code
Bulambiro has no zip code or postal code
Kireka has no zip code or postal code
Jinja has no zip code or postal code
Kawanda has no zip code or postal code
PortBell has no zip code or postal code
Bulenga has no zip code or postal code
Kyebando has no zip code or postal code
Mutungo has no zip code or postal code
Bukasa has no zip code or postal code
Kirinya has no zip code or postal code
Munyonyo has no zip code or postal code
TulaBuwate has no zip code or postal code
Namugongo  has no zip code or postal code
Bweyogerere has no zip code or postal code
Kazinga has no zip code or postal code
Katale  has no zip code or postal code
KiraKira has no zip code or postal code
Mbuya has no zip code or postal code
Kyambogo has no zip code or postal code
Masooli has no zip code or postal code
Naziba has no zip code or postal code
Kiteezi has no zip code or postal code
Mbarara has no zip code or postal code

Whats the difference between Uganda zip codes and Uganda Postal Code?

From the definition above you would agree with me that they all means the same thing only that they are called zip codes in some countries like USA and then postal codes or post codes in other countries. To know more about the uses and the importance of a zip code/postal codes read this article>> ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ZIP CODES AND POSTAL CODES

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  46. i always cry for the chances i lose wic path through my hands,everything i try,they nid the zip/postal code,last month i missed to recieve packages that weighs worth 1billion Ushs b’se of that,i ask myself why the goverment of our country wife off our tears we are crying especially we youths.i would have not been living in this country,coz i hag many chances of going to live in Europe and Asia but the problem is code.pals,lets pray hard so that we can have the code,thanks.

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    We can create our postal codes and it will surely work out. How:
    Start with the two initials of our country + 25 space 6 and the area of residence say Maska
    UG25 6MA

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