New Cairo Postal Code / Zip Code in Egypt (Complete List)

In today’s fast-paced world, information is key, especially when it comes to navigating through the intricate web of postal codes. The emergence of New Cairo, a vibrant and bustling city, brings forth the need for a clear understanding of its postal code system. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the intricacies of the New Cairo postal code, ensuring you have all the essential information at your fingertips.

Understanding the Basics: What Is a Postal Code?

Before we dive into the specifics of New Cairo’s postal code, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamental concept of a postal code. Also known as ZIP codes in some countries, a postal code is a series of letters, numbers, or both, assigned to a specific geographic area. This system simplifies the sorting and delivery of mail, making sure your parcels reach the intended destination promptly.

Why New Cairo? Exploring the City of Wonders

New Cairo, a city on the rise, is a marvel of modern urban planning. With its gleaming skyscrapers, lush green spaces, and an array of amenities, it has become a magnet for residents and businesses alike. The city’s growth necessitates an efficient postal code system to handle the increasing volume of mail and packages.

Decoding New Cairo’s Postal System: How It Works

New Cairo’s postal code system follows a logical pattern, ensuring that each area within the city is uniquely identifiable. The codes are strategically assigned, allowing postal workers to swiftly sort and deliver mail. Whether you are a resident awaiting a letter from a loved one or a business expecting an important package, understanding these codes is invaluable.

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Unveiling the Secrets: Breaking Down New Cairo’s Postal Codes

New Cairo is divided into several districts, each with its distinct postal code. Let’s unravel the mystery by exploring some of the key districts and their corresponding postal codes:

Heliopolis District: 11865

Nestled in the heart of New Cairo, Heliopolis boasts a rich cultural heritage. The postal code 11865 encompasses this area, ensuring that mail finds its way to the enchanting streets of Heliopolis.

Nasr City District: 11471

Known for its vibrant atmosphere and lively markets, Nasr City is a hub of activity. Postal code 11471 caters to the diverse neighborhoods within this district, guaranteeing efficient mail delivery.

Tagamo’ District: 11827

Tagamo’, an upscale district in New Cairo, exudes elegance and charm. The postal code 11827 is synonymous with luxury, representing the lavish residences and upscale establishments in this area.

List of New Cairo Postal Code / Zip Code

Office NameAddressPostal Code
Cairo’s mainAtaba Square / 1 Abdel Khalek Tharwat St. field11511
Liberation complexLiberation complex / Tahrir Square Building11512
Bab El Louk21 El floral / Bab El Louk / astronomer field11513
MinistriesMinistry of Works building / editing11514
TelevisionTelevision / Nile Corniche building11515
ParliamentCouncil u people11516
Abbasid5 El Salim Abdo Abdo field Abbasid Pasha11517
Mohamed Farid1 Mohamed Farid Street / Cairo11518
Garden CityLiberation complex building11519
DivansNubar / field Lazoghli St.11521
Ramses57 Ramses Street / Azbakia11522
Faggala11 SE St. Balvjalh / Uzbek11523
Ministry of EducationThe Ministry of Education Building11524
Republican Palace domeInside the Republican Palace / Gardens dome11527
Tenth DistrictTenth district 14 El Mahdy Arafh- Tower seedbed11528
Cairo trafficCairo Traffic Administration Building / threshold11529
Ministry of Foreign AffairsForeign / Maspero / Bulaq Ministry building11531
Ministry of Tourism5 Adly Street / Ministry of Tourism / Uzbek11534
Second Abbasid2 El chateaux Abdu Pasha Square11535
Cairo Sporting ClubAhmed Maher Square island Cairo11536
North Cairo Court of First Instance of the AbbasidAbbasid Square, north of Cairo courthouse primary11538
Third Abbasid137 Ramsis St. / Abbasid at the headquarters of the Islamic Unity Society11539
Cairo’s main parcelsAtaba / post office building11541
Land waySt. workshops telephone / Land way Shubra11549
Missions Islamic cityIslamic City Missions / study11551
Journalists SyndicateAbdul Khaliq Street / Journalists Syndicate / Uzbek building11552
Roda9 El Manial / Meinl Rawdah Palace11553
Abu SaudEast of the tunnel / field of ancient Egypt11554
Roda West115 Abdul Aziz Al Saud u / Manial11555
The Egyptian MuseumEgyptian Museum / Tahrir Square Building11556
Door poetic178 ش الجيش / باب الشعرية11558
King of Good8 El Siala K / Manial11559
ZamalekBrazil 3 u / Zamalek11561
Qasr al Aini71 El Kasr El Aini11562
Apparent70 apparent Street11563
Uzbek court complexCourts Complex evacuation / Uzbek Street building11564
Ain Shams UniversityInside Ain Shams University building11566
Cairo TowerTower / Alhuzeirh / Nile Palace building11567
Zamalek island _3 alder tree El Zamalek11568
Mokattam CityFountain / Mokattam City Square11571
Provide Alfy1 Alfy Street / Downtown Cairo11574
Tunisian26 El bracket Tunisian map11575
Sales TaxAgha Khan / Shubra Buildings11576
Qubaisi39 Ismail astronomer / apparent11577
Imam Shafi i176 El Imam Shafi’i / Caliph11581
Presidency of the Council of MinistersEl Kasr El Aini building Presidency of the Council of Ministers11582
Ministry of International Cooperation8 Adly / Cairo Street / Ministry building11584
Central PlateauAtlas Block 9 housing m / 1 Flat 1 Mokattam11585
Administrative oversight bodyAdministrative Control building Elgolf Nasr City11586
Ain Shams Specialized HospitalHospital / El Khalifa safe building11588
Faculty of Medicine Ain ShamsFaculty of Medicine, Ain Shams / Abbasid11591
Cairo Airport second closed temporarilyInside the new airport building in Cairo / Nozha11592
Al Jazeera Sports ClubJazira Sports / Aljblaip u / Zamalek Club11593
Housing victory for carsVictory Housing for cars Valley limbus11594
Quba59 Quba / Quba Mosque City St.11595
Philatelic ServiceNational Postal Authority threshold / Office of building a building year11599
Bulaq74 July 26 Cairo / u Bulaq -This office is closed11611
AbdeenEl Sheikh Rihan / Abdeen11613
Khalafawy268 Shubra / Department coast u11614
Sayeda Zeinab194 Port Said St. Zaynab11617
Aisha2 alley refused to stay / Aisha11618
Badran Island48 Island St. Badran / Shubra / Farag11619
Al Kharanfash4 u al-Kharanfash aesthetic11621
Trail Aljmames317 Port Said St. / Sayeda Zeinab11622
Adventist6 El Abbas School / Adventist / Bulaq11624
The best3 best field / u canal Boulaqeya11627
Zine El AbidineSt. Ibrahim Pasha / Abu Rish field11628
Shubra Gardens85 ش اليازجى / شبرا11629
Farag137 شارع عبيد / روض الفرج11631
Ancient EgyptU section next to the old section Egypt11632
The study9 El Mansuriya study / aesthetic11633
Orchards60 El public orchards11634
CastleSalahuddin field / Citadel11636
Shubra sub3 Mohamed El Hawary / Shoubra St.11637
Door Creation4 Hassan El biggest / door Creation11638
Abyssal4 Sultan Sahib Balgoria u / Darb al-Ahmar11639
Saving Balazpkah buildingSaving Balazpkah building11642
Attar15 Attar Street / El canal in Shubra11643
Palaces ShawwamSt. Mansuriya11644
Gardens dome133 St. Egypt and Sudan11646
IRSEl Hussein Hijazi / Sayeda Zeinab11647
Gardens Shubra subSt. Almellk good / Shubra Egypt 911648
Al Azhar UniversityInside Al-Azhar University / study / aesthetic11651
Ahmad BadawiAhmad Badawi / Shoubra St.11652
Marginalized3 Abdel Moneim Hamza / u Sharabia11653
Ain El SiraPublic housing into the stall11654
New papillary25 Mourad St. / New papilla11655
Public housing BaltrahPublic housing Baltrah Block 96 / Shubra11656
Deir angel41 Egypt and Sudan u / monastery gardens angel dome11657
Great Waly38 El Gulf Egyptian / Big Waly Gardens dome11658
Red cornerOld red corner housing11659
Ibn Rasheed57 Ibn Rasheed / Farag11661
Manshyet chest198 Canal St., Mountain / Gardens dome11663
Manor AlkhmayshHuda mosque, Islam / u sewage Bazbp quintet building11664
Bilal manor5 compassion manor Bilal Mustafa Sharabia11665
Grain CoastThe impact of the Prophet / u ancient Egypt11666
Vegetable market133 Canal Badran / Farag Island St.11667
Bab Al Bahr31 El Bab Al Bahr / door poetic11668
AzbakiaMovement Center Ramses building11669
Ideal homesIdeal Block 90 / Land Company housing11671
Shubra Egypt81 Shubra Street11672
E Bgmrh housingBgmrh Block E 7 housing inlet 111673
Amid4 u field apparent11674
Azhar123 Al-Azhar u / aesthetic department11675
Housing AtlasAtlas / corner Block 7 homes11676
Housing oppressedNew Block 2 oppressed housing / Sharabia11677
Cairo stationEgypt station building / Ramses Square / Railway11678
The glory of IslamAbboud field / mosque next to the glory of Islam 1711679
Muizz FatimidMoez Street to the religion of Allah aesthetic11681
Olympic Village student cityCity building student at the University of Al-Azhar / District VI11682
City of LightBlock 69 Entrance 1 / City of Light / corner11683
DuwaiqaDuwaiqa housing / Menashe Nasser11684
Orchards westAbou El Naga / orchards11685
HaggardBlock 15 entrance corner 3 red11686
Provide Shubra district10 ش مسره / روض الفرج11687
Electricity colony north of CairoInside northern Cairo colony / corner11688
Shubra rotation16 Mohamed Faramawy / Shubra El / coast11689
Alabagah housingAlabagah / castle housing11691
Khalid ibn al WalidGorn Bacharabiah field11692
The commercial market _ MaadiAl-Ahram El Nasr complex / New Maadi11693
Academy of Scientific ResearchEl Kasr El Aini peace next to the theater11694
QaitbayTombs of Shuhada Street Bakaitbay- Menashe Nasser11695
Environment ServiceSt. oven Integrated Care Society / Menashe Nasser11696
Coast HospitalCoast / Coast Hospital Building11697
Hospital evacuation51 July 26 St., inside the evacuation / Uzbek Hospital11698
Nasser facilityNasser facility Block 3 / public housing11699
Armed Forces Hospital in MaadiCorniche El Nil Armed Forces Hospital / Maadi building11711
Saray dome89 Saray El dome / Heliopolis station11712
Winepress stationCorner Abdel Gawad El Palmasrh11713
Mary Tree37 El soothes of Matarawy / u rain11714
People Balomaria housingBlock 34 princely houses Entrance 111715
Dar es Salaam FayoumFayoum / behind the architectural school in Dar es Salaam u11716
NCO housingDistrict VI in front of Mercy Mosque NCO housing11717
People Balhelmih housingPapillary 178 u Museum rain / papillary olive housing11718
Central rainU cables next rain Block District 4311719
Marg firstMohamed Ibrahim St. / next Bakly / Prairie mosque11721
Helwan pools33 Mohamed Sayed Ahmed u / Helwan11722
AezzptinNavy Homestead Rd. 18 / Helwan11723
Papillary Olive17 El perfect / papillary Olive11724
Olive GardensOlive Gardens in front of Metro Station11725
Ordnance Factories in HelwanWithin 99 military factory in Helwan11726
Seventh QuarterBuilding 69 houses Osman / Nasr City11727
Maadi9 St. Maadi11728
ToraTora Metro Station Building Country11729
HelwanBosta / Helwan St.11731
Manshyet Nasser_haddaúq HelwanWest Helwan / Manshiet Nasser11732
Zahraa HelwanZahraa Helwan / Valley Hof / Commercial Market11733
East OliveNo. 30 first Mansheyet Liberation of Suez Bridge Street11734
Western HelwanSt. Lazoughly intersection Ryle Street11735
Heliopolis freedomSt. Intersection Arabism with the promenade in front of the evacuation / Heliopolis Club11736
Heliopolis seaDamascus 48 u / Heliopolis11737
Pond HajRepublic Street / pond Haj / turf11738
Aviation City housingAviation / Helwan city housing11739
Housing Industrial HelwanEast Helwan housing Cairo11741
New MaadiBuilding the tower Algeria / New Maadi field11742
Winepress countryMisr Helwan Agricultural winepress by11743
Fifteen May secondNeighboring 7 Phase I /11744
Dar es Salaam Island7 El Juma Edeim / Dar es Salaam11745
Economic HousingEconomic housing market in Helwan11746
Khmshashrmayo Ol_ Sadat6 adjacent the first phase / May 1511747
Fifteen May third5 adjacent the first phase /11748
Homestead tribalCity craftsmen Helwan / Helwan11749
Olympic VillageFaculty of Al-Azhar University City / m second victory11751
Rain metro stationU beyond the rain in front of the subway station11753
Faculty of Islamic girlsBuilding within the Faculty of Islamic girls / Nasr / u City Aviation11754
Liberation domeBehind parks / gardens dome section11755
Cooperation rainIbrahim Khalil Trolly / u rain11756
Heliopolis/ U Korba 3 Posta / Heliopolis11757
Arab fortDowntown / Youth Center Arabs fort / rain Street11758
Albraid_ Nasr City housingE / fourth condominium Altip road to victory11759
Ezbet El Nakhl29 sound Alzklh u / manor palm / Alfred Street11761
Eighth DistrictCommercial Market district VIII / m victory next Serag Mall Buildings11762
Nasr CityAhmed Fouad breeze u / behind the workforce11765
Bridge dome3 Abdel Hamid Salim u / Bridge dome11766
Second Quarter _ Heliopolis1 Mohamed Abdel El Salam St. Abdel Aziz Fahmy / Second Quarter / Nozha11767
District VI68 Caliph victorious u / District VI11768
Shaheed Abdel Moneim RiadVillas July 23 / Aziz Egyptian / bridge Suez11769
Heliopolis WestAbdel-Hamid Abu Heif St. Heliopolis Court Square11771
Ain Shams5 El Mahdy El full moon / Ahmed Esmat11772
Haykstep81 military factory Balhaixtb Block 8 housing11773
Mansheyet El Bakry3 Fahmy El Pasha El Caliph Ma’mun11774
Almaza CampWall camp / Suez Road11775
Cairo Airport firstThe old airport building in Cairo / picnic Services Complex11776
Thousandth dwellingMaher El Badawi market trade thousand dwelling11777
Air ForceWithin the leadership of the Air Force / Tamiflu11779
Republic Ain ShamsComplex services / Ain Shams11781
Place NameAddressPostal Code
Zahraa Ain Shams27 El Fotouh Abdullah / Ain Shams El twentieth11782
Cairo International MarketCairo International Market / second Nasr City11783
The second city of peacePeace Movement Mail Center building – Alexandria housing11785
Shams ClubWall Shams Club door 4 / bridge Suez / Nozha11786
Children’s VillageAhmed El cliques building village children / Nasr City11787
City of Peace firstAtlas / Peace Block City housing 111788
Central Auditing OrganizationCentral Auditing Organization / Salah Salem St., Nasr City11789
Fifteen May fourthThe first phase of a neighboring 411791
Faculty of Technology HelwanCollege Helwan technology / building Helwan11792
Kafr ShorafaRepublic u / Kafr Shorafa11793
Helwan UniversityHelwan University / Helwan into building11795
National Institute of OncologyEl Kasr El Aini / mouth of the Gulf11796
Zenhom GardensSayeda Zeinab development Zenhom third stage housing11797
Fifteen May fifth1 adjacent the first phase11798
Kindergarten SheratonCommercial Market behind the Sheraton Airport Nozha Altaaoinat Buildings11799
Panorama OctoberTransit Salah Salem St. / Nasr City Buildings11811
Tourists1 Saudi Buildings Balsuah Olive11813
Cargo VillageInside the village of goods at the airport / Nozha11814
Flower ClubWithin the Japanese sports club in Nasr City11815
Region Aharh_medinh victoryGeneral Authority for Investment and Free Zones – Nasr City11816
Andalusia18 El cooperatives / eighth district Buildings11817
Central Agency for Public Mobilization and StatisticsDevice Salah Salem / Nasr City by building11819
Martyrs Abu SairKafr Abu Sir / u school / turf11821
Transit marketWithin the transit / Obour City Market11822
Nasr City ClubU camp Permanent / Wall Nasr City Club11823
Secondary airSunrise behind the housing secondary air11824
City RenaissanceRepublic / City Renaissance Block 1 homes11825
Swiss projectBuilding 49 project, the Swiss / m Nasr11826
Sales Tax Department _ Aviation4 u Aviation Administration of Sales Tax / Nasr City11827
Obour CityFirst Quarter next to the city transit system11828
Badr CityFirst Quarter / First / Badr City and neighboring11829
Housing officers HaykstepOfficers City Balhaixtb / Nozha11831
Arabs TawaylaSt. Alinveraoy Community Services Society – Arab Tawayla11832
Second PrairieSpending Barca Metro Station11833
OfficeAddressPostal code
Unions city BolmazhAlmaza – Services Complex building houses11834
Rally Av_ New CairoFirst Quarter compound V / Nasr City11835
Sunrise CitySunrise / Commercial Market / Nozha City11837
Insurance and pensions of the armed forcesArmed Forces Pension Building / Bridge Fangary / Salah Salem11838
Rehab CityRehab / New Cairo city / m new11841
New Nozha23 division of the city flower and Ramses / end of the promenade new11843
Cairo Airport third closed temporarilyAccess No. 3 Old Airport lounge11844
Housing youth transitObour City – Housing Youth 10011846
Kafr El BashaLocal Society Development Association Kafr El -Basha11848
Papillary olive field14 Ibn El field papillary judgment Olive11849
Sakr FactorySuez Road – Promenades Sakr Factory for Developed Industries11851
E PressAlong Ramses e Press Building11852
Airport exchangeCairo Airport Terminal11861
Investment AuthorityInvestment Nasr City Building / Land Exhibitions / Salah Salem St.11863
First assembly _ New CairoFirst assembly / New Cairo11865
Sales Tax Department _ transit26 A transit Buildings / Salah Salem11867
Housing east Alrubiky _ Badr CityMustafa Hussein housing – Badr City11868
Sales Tax Department tourists2 Endowments tourists Square Buildings11869
AzabEl Hawary canal / ranches / rain11871
Unity WalyMenashe Nasser / Waly big island of El Nasser11887
SucculentsSalim El Alzklh of unique / manor palm St.11888
Aircraft FactoryOmar bin Abdul Aziz / Helwan St.11895
IdentificationIdentification Country Road Nile Corniche /11911
Iron and steelIron and steel housing / Cairo / identification / Block 3511912
New Steel CityNew steel housing / identification / field Bosta11914
Kafr heightSkins & height next to the cooperative11915
Manor motherManor mother Helwan11916
Torah CementCommunity Development Association next to the cement company11917
Helwan countryHelwan Country / Farouk El11918
Arab PeaceCommunity Development Association / Canal Khashab winepress11919
Residential complexResidential complex in Helwan American project nearby 311921
Gr MaritimeGr Maritime / identification / El Salam11922
Arabs GhoneimSt. Arabs Ghoneim / Cairo11923
Ezbet Khairallah2 El Assiouti Bahjat El Islam Dar es Salaam11924
Gamal Abdel Nasser facilityGamal Abdel Anazarh 10 Helwan facility11925
Fifteen May sixth18 adjacent the second stage / May 1511926
Fifteen May seventh22 adjacent the second stage / May 1511927
Helwan power stationHelwan power station housing11928
Corner HelwanPoultry Nile Corniche station11929
Maadi haggardSaudi Arabia housing 243 / New Maadi Building11931
ShukaifiArabs Kafr Alelo / Altbin11932
Maadi District CourtAbdel Moneim Riad St. in Maadi District Court building11933
Arabs of East RashidArabs Rashid / u 4 / Cairo / Helwan11934
Arabs motherArabs mother / Helwan area11935
KatameyaBuilding 13 Nile / Katameya company housing11936
Fifteen May eighthNeighboring 11 / within the market11937
Arab Bank RashidBehind Youth Center / Arabs Rashid / Helwan11938
May 15 elevenMay 15 May 15 city along the adjacent 5.614531
Socialize May 15May 15 adjacent market 2514541
Ninth May 15May 15 nearby market town 2814551
Fustat109 Fustat / Ancient Egypt Buildings headquarters of the commercial register interest17611
Ostrich29 Ahmed Maher St. from Manshiet El Tahrir18511
CitiesUnit 2 Arabisc Mall Madinaty19519
Shabab Al-Amal11855
Military policeMilitary Police headquarters – Ezbet Hagana – 4.5 kilo18711
Technological village in Maadi17631
New Dweeqa (under construction)Suzan Mubarak Housing / New Dwaiqa11853
The Abbasid Clashes – His works were frozenInside El Abbaseya Shackles Salah Salem St. (frozen)11662
Sinan – under constructionFayez Gerges Street from Sinan Street – Zaitoun11764
January 25 in Mokattam – not openedSobhy Hussein area in the settlements of the Bal-Central Plateau – has not been opened17621
The New PressThe administrative building of the post in Al – Massara0
May 15 Twelve – does not workThe city of May 15 next to the neighboring 100

The Convenience Factor: How Postal Codes Benefit You

Understanding the postal code of your area offers numerous advantages. It expedites the delivery of online orders, ensures accurate billing for services, and facilitates seamless communication. In a world where time is of the essence, having the correct postal code at your fingertips can save you from unnecessary hassles and delays.


In conclusion, the New Cairo postal code system is a testament to efficient urban planning. By deciphering these codes, residents and businesses can enjoy the convenience of streamlined mail services. Whether you are sending a heartfelt letter or receiving a long-awaited package, the postal code ensures that your mail reaches its destination accurately and promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How can I find the postal code for my specific address in New Cairo?

Finding your specific postal code is easy. Visit the official website of the local postal service or consult your local post office for accurate information tailored to your address.

Q2: Are postal codes unique to New Cairo, or do other cities in the region use similar codes?

Postal codes are not unique to New Cairo; they are employed globally to streamline mail delivery. Different cities and regions have their unique postal code systems to ensure efficient mail services.

Q3: Can a single area have multiple postal codes in New Cairo?

Yes, larger areas in New Cairo can have multiple postal codes. This division allows for precise sorting and delivery of mail within densely populated regions.

Q4: How often are postal codes updated or changed in New Cairo?

Postal codes are periodically reviewed and updated to accommodate the city’s growth and changing demographics. These updates ensure that the system remains efficient and accurate.

Q5: Is the New Cairo postal code system compatible with international shipping?

Yes, the New Cairo postal code system is compatible with international shipping. When sending parcels abroad, including the correct postal code ensures smooth and timely delivery to your desired destination.

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