Morocco Postal Code / Zip Code (The Complete List)

In today’s fast-paced world, understanding the postal code system of any country is essential for efficient communication and mail delivery. Morocco, a country rich in culture and history, boasts a well-organized postal code system that plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and timely delivery of mail. In this article, we will explore Morocco’s postal code system, breaking down the structure and providing you with a detailed list of postal codes for various regions in Morocco.

Morocco’s Postal Code System: An Overview

Morocco’s postal codes consist of five digits, ranging from 10000 to 99999. These codes are systematically allocated to different regions, provinces, and local delivery units, making it easier to identify specific locations within the country.

Understanding Morocco’s Postal Code Format

Morocco’s postal code system follows a specific format, with each digit carrying essential information about the address:

Region Postal Code
Agadir 80 000
Al Hoceima 32 000
Azilal 22 000
Beni Mellal 23 000
Ben Slimane 13 000
Boujdour 71 000
Boulemane 33 000
Casablanca 20 000
Chefchaouen 91 000
Chichaoua 41 000
Dakhla 73 000
El Jadida 24 000
Errachidia 52 000
Essaouira 44 000
Fès 30 000
Figuig 61 000
Guelmim 81 000
Ifrane 53 000
Kelaa des Sraghna 43 000
Kénitra 14 000
Khemisset 15 000
Khenifra 54 000
Khouribga 25 000
Laâyoune 70 000
Larache 92 000
Marrakech 40 000
Meknes 50 000
Mohammedia 20 650
Nador 62 000
Ouarzazate 45 000
Oujda 60 000
Rabat 10 000
Safi 46 000
Salé 11 000
Settat 26 000
Sefrou 31 000
Sidi Kacem 16 000
Smara 72 000
Tangier 90 000
Taounate 34 000
Taza 35 000
Tan-Tan 82 000
Taroudannt 83 000
Tata 84 000
Témara 12 000
Tetouan 93 000
Tiznit 85 000

Importance of Understanding Morocco’s Postal Code System

Understanding Morocco’s postal code system is essential for several reasons:

  • Efficient Mail Delivery: Accurate postal codes ensure that mail is delivered to the correct address promptly.
  • Geographic Precision: Businesses can target specific regions effectively, enhancing their marketing efforts.
  • Improved Navigation: Tourists and newcomers can navigate Moroccan cities and towns more easily using postal codes.

How to Use Morocco’s Postal Codes

Whether you are sending mail, ordering products online, or planning a trip, knowing the postal code of the destination is crucial. Utilize online postal code lookup tools or inquire at local post offices to find the accurate code for any address.

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In conclusion, Morocco’s postal code system is a valuable tool that simplifies mail delivery, enhances business strategies, and improves overall navigation. By understanding the structure and significance of these postal codes, residents, businesses, and tourists can make the most out of their experiences in this beautiful country.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I find the postal code for my address in Morocco?

A1: You can use online postal code lookup tools or visit your local post office for assistance in finding the accurate postal code for your address.

Q2: Are postal codes the same across all regions in Morocco?

A2: No, postal codes in Morocco vary by region, province, and local delivery unit, ensuring precise mail delivery.

Q3: Can businesses benefit from understanding Morocco’s postal code system?

A3: Yes, businesses can target specific regions and demographics effectively, enhancing their marketing strategies using Morocco’s detailed postal codes.

Q4: How do postal codes facilitate efficient mail delivery in Morocco?

A4: Morocco’s postal codes enable postal workers to sort and deliver mail accurately, reducing the chances of misplaced or lost parcels.

Q5: Is there a mobile app to find Morocco’s postal codes?

A5: Yes, there are several mobile apps available that help users find postal codes in Morocco, providing a user-friendly experience for locating addresses.

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