Giza Postal Code / Zip Code in Egypt (The Complete List)

In our interconnected world, where technology bridges geographical boundaries, understanding the importance of a precise postal code is indispensable. This article delves into the mystique of Giza, Egypt, unraveling its intricate postal codes. Providing readers with a comprehensive guide, it eases their navigation through this historically rich city.

Understanding Giza: A Historical Marvel

Giza, situated on the west bank of the Nile, is celebrated for the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Beyond its historical wonders, Giza stands as a bustling modern city, harmonizing the ancient with the contemporary.

What is a Postal Code?

Before diving into Giza’s postal codes, it’s vital to comprehend their significance. A postal code, also known as a postcode or ZIP code, is a series of letters, numbers, or both, assigned to a specific geographic area. It streamlines the sorting and delivery of mail, ensuring efficient communication.

Decoding Giza’s Postal Zones

Giza’s postal codes are systematically structured to cover its vast expanse. Here’s a breakdown:

Central Giza

Postal codes in central Giza commence with ’12,’ encompassing areas around the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, forming the city’s heart.

Giza Suburbs

Moving to the suburbs, the postal codes initiate with ‘124,’ extending to areas like Nazlet El-Samman and Abu Rawash, weaving Giza’s outskirts into the network.

Outlying Areas

Further to the peripheries, areas including Saqqara and Abu Sir bear postal codes starting with ‘125,’ ensuring precise mail delivery even in remote locales.

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The Importance of Accurate Postal Codes

Accurate postal codes are the backbone of organized societies. They ensure timely mail delivery, facilitate efficient e-commerce, and streamline service deliveries. These codes are not mere numbers; they are the foundation of functional communication.

List of Giza Postal Code / Zip Code

Office Address Postal Code
Shooting Club 0
Giza first 10 Murad Street, Giza 12511
Tourism Pyramid Another Pyramid Street 12512
Giza second 10 Sanadily Street, Giza 12513
Sunday market Station Street 12514
Spring Gizy Interests / Giza Complex Building 12515
Giza fourth Public Housing, Barmaid Macki, Brief 12516
Paternoster Macki Saad Zaghloul Street, Barmaid Macki, Giza 12517
Teresa brief Main Street, Village Teresa, Brief 12518
Munib Slaughterhouse Automated Street, Mounab, Brief 12519
Provision of Giza Egypt Building Insurance Giza, Field 12521
Recruitment Giza Next to the Bus, Ahram/Giza Plateau Position 12522
Mohammed Island Muhammad Warraq, M Island Police Warraq 12523
Giza station Giza Railway Station 12525
Queen Palm Street 12549
Urban East 34 El Cooperation, Urban Eastern 12551
Western Urban El-Sadr Hospital, Western Urban 12552
Student 10 Suwaylim Street, Brief Student 12553
City Arts Academy of Arts, Urban, Brief 12554
Central Ahram Central Street Pyramid, Brief 12555
Al Ahram Last Pyramid Mena House Hotel Street 12556
Catarrh Quail Catarrh Quail Street, Pyramid 12557
City Perfume 26 City of Scents Street, Maritime District, Giza 12558
Kvrnsar Infidels Nassar, Next to the Health Unit 12559
Kafr Mountain Pyramid Sports, Kafr Mountain Club 12561
Briqash Local Unit, Briqash Building, Embaba 12562
District VI October District VI, 6th of October City, Near the Commercial Market 12563
Seventh Quarter October Seventh Quarter, Adjacent to First Street, 6th of October City 12564
Church Freedom Street, In Front of Alwastany Mosque, Brief 12565
Services – October 6 Complex District VI, Next to Passports M 11 12566
Khalid ibn al Walid Giza Residential Architecture, Khalid bin Walid Al-Haram 12567
Distinguished District Distinguished District, Adjacent to 3rd Commercial Market, October 6 12568
Built Safety Imbaba Public Housing, Built Safety of Imbaba 12569
Kafr Ghataty Abeida Kafr Ghataty Street 12571
Shooting 108 Shooting Housing, Next to the Club 12572
October 6 Main District 12, 6:00 PM Central Building, October 6 12573
Kom Green Jadallah Street, Next to the Mosque, Brief 12574
October 6 Wholesale Market October 6 Wholesale Market 12575
Osman Ahmed Osman Harraneya, Abu Nomros, Giza Village 12576
Smart Village The First Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road 12577
Paradise City Inside Paradise City, October 6 12578
Com Bakkar Services Complex, Kom Bakkar, Faisal Street 12579
Mena Garden City October 6 Distinguished District, Front Mena Garden City Village 12582
Happy Balzhra Madinat al-Zahra, Urban, Cila Roman 12584
University October 6 III, October 6th District 12585
Courts and Prosecutors October 6 Complex Building in Region 14, Administrative District, Youth Housing 12586
District Alawl_heik Zayed Sheikh Zayed City, First Quarter Services Center 12588
October 6 Club October 6 Club 12591
City of Culture and Science City of Culture and Science, October 6 12592
Young District Building No. 50, Third Quarter, Sheikh Zayed City 12593
Third Quarter Third, October 6 Neighboring 12596
Dokki Agrarian Reform, Dokki, Brief Building 12611
Orman 2 Ibn Kathir, Giza Street 12612
Cairo University Street Between Chateaux, University of Cairo, Giza 12613
Dlor Next Section Bulaq Dakror 12614
City Endowments 10 Editorial Street, Dokki, Brief Street 12615
Bulaq Dakror Railway Station Bulaq Dakror 12616
Bulaq Dakror Sub Community Development Bulaq Dakror, Hmfirs Association 12617
Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture, Dokki, Brief Building 12618
Agricultural Research ARC, Brief 12619
Skimped Skimped, Giza Street 12621
National Center for Research Editorial Street, Dokki, Brief Street 12622
Kafr Tohormos Kafr Tohormos, Brief 12623
Between Chateaux Diabetes, Street Between Chateaux 12624
Mendihh Mendihh Village, Bahariya Oasis 12625
Shooting Club within the Club Inside Shooting Club, Shooting Club Street, Dokki 12627
Zamalek Club Zamalek Club 12649
Imbaba Kit Kat, Sudan Street, Embaba Field 12651
City Workers U Group I, City Workers, Embaba 12652
Kafr Shawwam 165 Liberty, Imbaba Street 12653
Agouza Alajuzhh, Abu Maaly Shazly 12654
City Engineers 1 Jalaluddin Field, Hijaz, Agouza Street 12655
City Teachers 25 Abdul Aziz Jawish, Agouza 12656
Mitt Obstacle Posta, Agouza Street 12657
Students City Students, Agouza, Brief City 12658
Enlightening Second Abdul Hamid Hamouda Street, Embaba 12659
Urban and Refined Nile, Warraq, Imbaba Street 12661
Warraq Arabs Canal Street Coast, Warraq 12662
Land Assembly Omar bin al-Khattab Street, Ground Assembly, Embaba 12664
Island and Upscale Urban Local Unit, Island and Refined Urban 12665
Land Aziz Ezzat Schools, Imbaba Street 12667
Western Enlightening 24 Airport Road, Imbaba 12668
Manor Mufti Gamal Abdel Nasser, U 12671
Sales Tax Authority Ibn Khaldun Field, In Front of the Hospital Staff 12673
Kafur Salmaniya Kafr Salmaniya, Warraq 12674
New Enlightening Block 14 El Airport, Enlightening Western, Giza Popular Housing 12675
Abu Rawash Abu Rawash, Brief 12676
Industrial Zone – Abu Rawash In Front of the Village Pure, Km 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road 12677
Warraq Services Complex Warraq, Giza 12685
Ghammaza Minor Village Ghammaza Minor 12811
Aldezmy Aldezmy, Local Unit 12812
Bhpet Village Bhpet, Ayat 12813
Kaabich Village Kaabich Pyramid, Brief 12814
Manor Airport – Imbaba Services Manor House Airport, Osim 12815
Arab Tribal Siege Arabs Siege Tribal, Elsaf 12816
Bamha Main Street in the Village of Bamha, Ayat 12817
Minya Brief Minia Village, Brief 12818
Great Ghammaza Village Grand Ghammaza, Grade 12819
Mitt Commander Mitt Commander, Ayat 12821
Alrhowy Alrhowy Village, Facility Barrages, Embaba 12822
Lasker Village Lasker, Row Unit 12823
Gerza Brief Village Gerza, Ayat Center 12824
A_khasas Almnashy Ekhsas Almnashy, Facility Spans 12825
Kafr Gerza Kafr Gerza 12826
Land Brigade Land Brigade 12827
Kafr Tarkhan Kafr Tarkhan, Grade Center 12828
Hnbary Hnbary, Osim Center 12832
Abu Muslim Angle Abu Muslim Angle, Abu Nomros 12841
Shatt Nile Village Billfish, Atfih 12845
Kafr Arrivals Kafr Allowasalian, Atfih Center 12851
Dahshur Dahshur 12857
Breueh Kafr Breueh 12858
Angle Abu Sweilem Abu Suwaylim Ayat Village Center 12859
Wholesale Wholesale, Ayat Village Center 12861
Warm Hara Village, Bahariya 12862
Palace Palace Siwa Main Street, Village Bahariya 12863
Vanity Village Alsbo, Bahariya Oasis 12864
Barghouti Barghouti Village, Ayat Center 12865
Algelatemh Algelatemh, Manshyet Archways Center, Village District VI 12866
Pedv Pedv Village, Ayat Center 12867
Beja Sheikh Village Beja Sheikh, Ayat Center 12868
Radwan Facility Village Radwan Facility 12869
Adel Nasser Adel Nasser Area, Balillay, Ayat 12871
Almqatefah Almqatefah, Ayat Village Center 12872
Kafr Turk Turkish Village of Kafr 12873
Abul Abbas Giza Abul Abbas 12874
Kafr El Hakim Kafr Sage, Osim Center 12875
Catarrh Actr Abu Nomros Center, Village of Nazlat Actr 12876
Arabs Tarabin Ghammaza Minor, Arabs Tarabin, Grade 12877
Arabs Hill Arabs Hill 12878
Built Scheduler Built Scheduler, Imbaba Center 12879
Zaidi Zaidi Village 12881
Arab Arena Arab Arena, Giza 12882
Hassanein Hassanein, Osim 12883
Arabs Supervisory Arab Village of Supervisory, Atfih 12884
Park Tents Services Complex, Park Tents, Osim 12885
Arab Abu Petition Arab Abu Petition, Row Unit 12886
Or Dinars Or JD, Facility Archways Village 12887
Kafr El Hamid Kafr El-Hamid, Kafr Hamid, Osim Center 12888
Arab Abu Helped U Local Highway, Row Unit 12889
Lisht Lisht 12891
Bdsa Bdsa, Ayat Center 12892
Kafr El Rifai Kafr El-Rifai, Ayat Center 12893
Catarrh Shobak Catarrh Shobak, Badrashin Center 12894
NATO’s Eastern East Village Alliance, Atfih 12895
Friendly Friendly Village, Grade 12896
Fahmyin Village Fahmin by Grade, Creams 12897
Kafr Abu Iron Kafr Abou Hadid, Osim Embaba Village 12898
Creams – Helwan Village Creams, Helwan, Atfih 12899
Abu Nomros Abu Nomros, Next to the Giza Police 12911
Manial Shiha U Local Unit, Giza, Abu Nomros 12912
Tamouh The Local Unit in the Village Slapped, Osim 12913
Or Henan The Local Unit Building Own Henan, Badrashin 12914
Manawat Local Unit, Village Manawat, Hawamdia, Brief 12915
Hawamdia Hawamdia, Badrashin City Council 12916
Prince of Us Salah Salem Street, M 12917
Badrashin Badrashin City Council 12918
Saqqara Assembled Unit, Saqqara, M Badrashin 12919
Mitt Hostage The Local Unit’s Main Street, M Badrashin 12921
Al Marzooqi Al Marzooqi, M Badrashin 12922
Alpartyaah Main Street, Alpartyaah, M Badrashin 12923
Abu Rjoin Tribal The Village of Abu Rjoin, M Badrashin 12924
Shobak Western Assembled Unit, M 12925
Mziguna Mziguna, M Badrashin 12926
Bernst Assembled Unit, Village Bernst, M Ayat 12927
Blida Assembled Unit, Village of Blida, M Ayat 12928
Ayat Mohamed Hareedy of Quwatli, Ayat Center Street 12929
Almtanaa Careful, Ayat Center 12931
Kafr Ammar Kafr Ammar, Ayat Center 12932
Alqtory Alqtory Village, Ayat Center 12933
Tenderness Village Tenderness, Ayat Center 12934
Bahariya Oasis Main Street, M Bahariya 12935
Bahariya Oasis Mines Commercial Market, M Bahariya 12936
Azizia Badrashin Water Next to the Village of Al-Azizia Badrashin, Center Process 12937
Dahshur Angle The Main Street, Village Angle Dahshur Badrashin Center 12938
Thma Assembled Unit Bthma, Ayat Center 12939
Almatmdip of Imbaba Village Almatmdip, M 12941
Nahia Nahia 12942
Kerdasa Public Housing, Village Kerdasa, Brief 12943
Firstborn Facility Local Unit, Village Firstborn, Pyramid Facility 12944
Saft Milk Giza Saft El Laban, Giza, M 12945
Baragil The Local Unit Building Balbragel, Osim 12946
Shabramant The Local Unit Building in the Village of Shabramant, Hawamdia 12947
Shobak East Shobak East, M Row 12948
Ekhsas Village Ekhsas, Grade 12949
Alaqguaz Alaqguaz, M Row, Giza 12951
Grade Row Next to the Health Insurance 12952
Alqbabat Village Alqbabat, Atfeeh 12954
Alkdaah Village Alkdaah, Atfeeh 12955
Kafr Qandil Kafr Qandil, Atfeeh 12956
Atfih Village Atfih, M Atfeeh 12957
Access Access, Local Unit, Atfeeh 12958
Barmpel Barmpel Village, Atfeeh Center 12959
Osim Public Housing Oseem 12961
Mansuriya U Local, M Osim Unity 12962
Bortos Local Unit, Bortos, Osim 12963
Spans Facility Sea, Facility Barrages, Embaba Street 12964
Ncla Ncla, Facility Barrages, Imbaba 12965
Behrms Deeb Street, Village Behrms, Osim 12966
Abu Ghalib Public Housing in Abu Ghalib, M Embaba 12967
Ouerdane Public Housing, M Osim 12968
Shorafa Village Shorafa, M Row 12971
Office Address Postal Code
Kafr Hegazy Imbaba The local unit building, Kafr Hegazy Embaba Center 12972
Nasiriyah Ayat Assembled unit, Nasiriyah Ayat 12973
Of Kom The local unit building, Kom Osim village 12974
Atreus Mercy, Atreus, Embaba mosque 12975
Bashtil country Local Unit, Bashtil Country, Osim 12976
Kom Red Osim Local Osim Unity 12977
Kindness Assembled unit, Kindness Ayat Center 12978
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Ayat 12979
Tanash The local unit building, Tanash village 12981
Warraq Dzaah Dzaah village, Barrages, Embaba facility 12982
Manial Sultan Village Manial Sultan, Atfeeh 12983
2 Youth Housing Youth 2 Block Housing 4 12984
Aelchenbab Village Aelchenbab, Badrashin Center 12985
Musa Mosque Moussa Mosque, Atfeeh 12986
Kafr Tohormos Housing Block 28, Kafr Tohormos, Bulaq Housing 12987
Abu Rjoin Maritime Village of Abu Rjoin, Badrashin 12988
Abu Sair Building Local, Badrashin Unity 12989
Dahshur Facility Village of Dahshur, Mrkzalbdarshan facility 12991
Sagal Next to the mosque Rahman, Sagal, Imbaba 12992
Qata Public housing in the village of Qata, Spans 12993
Kafr Zahran Kafr Zahran, Badrashin Center 12994
Salehia Brief Salehia, Atfeeh Local Unit 12995
Fadel Facility Fadel Village, Ayat Facility 12996
Sidon and Alkiratin Village Alkiratin, Giza 12997
Space Village Space, Marine Units Centre 12998
Attaat Grade Center Attaan Village, Grade Center 12999
Grade Country Grade Country 14815
Hay Grade Village Neighborhood – Grade 14821
Catarrh Alian Grade, Village of Nazlat Alian 14822
Media Production City 15515
Sheikh Exclusive 15525
Kafr Shehata B Kafr Shehata 16711
Aldnaoah 16712
The Subsoil 12524
Pyramid of City El Hosary Mosque – October 15545
11th District 6th of October 15555
New Eagles 0

Exploring Giza with Confidence

With knowledge of Giza’s postal codes, residents, tourists, and businesses can navigate the city confidently. Whether sending a letter, receiving a package, or exploring local services, accurate postal codes guarantee seamless transactions.


In conclusion, Giza’s postal codes bridge the gap between ancient heritage and modern functionality. They are the threads weaving the fabric of efficient communication in this historically significant city, ensuring that the past and the present coexist harmoniously.


Q1: Can I use the same postal code for multiple addresses in Giza? Yes, each address in Giza has a unique postal code to ensure precise mail delivery.

Q2: How often do postal codes get updated in Giza? Postal codes are periodically reviewed and updated to adapt to the city’s changing landscape.

Q3: Are Giza’s postal codes used for areas beyond the city? No, Giza’s postal codes are specific to the city and its immediate surroundings.

Q4: What happens if I use the wrong postal code in Giza? Using the wrong postal code may lead to delayed or misdirected mail. It’s crucial to double-check before sending any correspondence.

Q5: Can I send international mail using Giza’s postal codes? Yes, Giza’s postal codes are recognized internationally, ensuring smooth international mail transactions.

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