Fort McLeod postal code in Alberta Canada

What Is Fort McLeod postal code

Fort McLeod postal code can also be called Fort McLeod post code or Fort McLeod zip codes. They all means the same thing. Mind you Fort McLeod postal code is not +1. +1 is Canada Dialing code.  See the list of all Fort McLeod postal codes below


Places POSTAL CODE Streets
Aetna postal code T0K 1Y0
Brocket postal code T0K 0A1, T0K 0H0
Cardston postal code T0K 0C6, T0K 0K0
Claresholm postal code T0L 0C2, T0L 0T0
Cowley postal code T0K 0E2, T0K 0P0
Del Bonita postal code T0K 0C5, T0K 0S0
Fort McLeod postal code T0L 0Z0, T0L 0C4
Glenwood postal code T0K 0B4, T0K 2R0
Granum postal code T0L 0A2, T0L 1A0
Hill Spring postal code T0K 0B5, T0K 1E0
Lundbreck postal code T0K 1H0, T0K 0B8
Magrath postal code T0K 0C4, T0K 1J0
Mountain View postal code T0K 0A5, T0K 1N0
Nanton postal code T0L 0A8, T0L 1R0
Parkland postal code T0L 1V0
Pincher Creek postal code T0K 1W0, T0K 0A6
Spring Coulee postal code T0K 0A3, T0K 2C0
Stand Off postal code T0L 0B8, T0L 1Y0
Stavely postal code T0L 0A1, T0L 1Z0
Twin Butte postal code T0K 0C9, T0K 2J0
Waterton Park postal code T0K 2M0, T0K 0C3
Welling postal code T0K 2N0

Business & administrative postal codes
BrocketPO Box T0K 0A1
Spring CouleePO Box T0K 0A3
Mountain ViewPO Box T0K 0A5
Pincher CreekPO Box T0K 0A6
GlenwoodPO Box T0K 0B4
Hill SpringPO Box T0K 0B5
LundbreckPO Box T0K 0B8
Waterton ParkPO Box T0K 0C3
MagrathPO Box T0K 0C4
CardstonPO Box T0K 0C6
CowleyPO Box T0K 0E2
BrocketPO Boxes 1 – 90, 91 – 148, 3000 – 3148, 3150 – 3299, 3300 – 3329 T0K 0H0
CardstonPO Boxes 1 – 2820 T0K 0K0
CowleyPO Boxes 1 – 275 T0K 0P0
Del BonitaPO Box T0K 0S0
Hill SpringPO Boxes 1 – 190 T0K 1E0
LundbreckPO Boxes 1 – 450 T0K 1H0
MagrathPO Boxes 1 – 1110, 1111 – 1260 T0K 1J0
Mountain ViewPO Boxes 1 – 150 T0K 1N0
Pincher CreekPO Boxes 1 – 3390 T0K 1W0
Spring CouleePO Boxes 1 – 60 T0K 2C0
Twin ButtePO Box T0K 2J0
Waterton ParkPO Boxes 1 – 300, 2000 – 2001 T0K 2M0
WellingPO Boxes 1 – 125, 126 – 150 T0K 2N0
GlenwoodPO Boxes 1 – 90, 1001 – 1180 T0K 2R0
StavelyPO Box T0L 0A1
GranumPO Box T0L 0A2
NantonPO Box T0L 0A8
Stand OffPO Box T0L 0B8
ClaresholmPO Box T0L 0C2
Fort McLeodPO Box T0L 0C4
ClaresholmPO Boxes 1 – 3240 T0L 0T0
Fort McLeodPO Boxes 1 – 2910 T0L 0Z0
GranumPO Boxes 1 – 460 T0L 1A0
NantonPO Boxes 1 – 1860 T0L 1R0
Stand OffPO Boxes 1 – 1190 T0L 1Y0
StavelyPO Boxes 1 – 570 T0L 1Z0

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