Ethiopia Postal Code / Zip Code (The Complete List)

In the age of digital communication, understanding a country’s postal system is more vital than ever. Ethiopia, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse populace, operates on a unique postal code system. This article aims to unravel the complexities of Ethiopia’s postal codes, explaining their structure, significance, and the seamless role they play in the nation’s mail and package delivery services.

Understanding Postal Codes: A Fundamental Insight

Before delving into Ethiopia’s specific system, it’s essential to grasp the concept of postal codes universally. These alphanumeric codes, often known as ZIP codes, are specific to geographic areas. They streamline the sorting and delivery of mail, ensuring that letters and packages reach their intended destinations efficiently.

The Historical Evolution of Ethiopia’s Postal System

Ethiopia’s postal system has a rich history, evolving alongside the nation’s growth. From its colonial roots to the present day, the system has adapted to the changing needs of the country, shaping the way Ethiopians send and receive mail.

Decoding Ethiopia’s Postal Code Structure

Ethiopia’s postal codes follow a systematic structure. Understanding this structure is key to deciphering the codes and determining the regions they represent. By exploring these patterns and combinations, individuals and businesses can navigate the complexities of Ethiopia’s addressing system.

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The Significance of Ethiopia’s Postal Codes

Postal codes are more than just strings of characters; they are essential tools for businesses, government agencies, and individuals alike. They ensure precise addressing, guaranteeing that parcels and letters are delivered accurately. Additionally, postal codes play a vital role in demographic analysis and urban planning.

Locating Postal Codes in Ethiopia: A Practical Guide

In our interconnected world, knowing how to find a postal code is invaluable. Whether you’re a local resident, a traveler, or a business owner, having access to reliable postal code information simplifies the process of sending and receiving mail. This section provides practical tips on locating postal codes in Ethiopia, making the process accessible for everyone.

List of Ethiopia Postal Code (Zip Code)

Administration/Region Zone Locality, Sub-locality, Area Postal Code
Addis Ababa Addis Ababa Zone 1 Addis Ababa 1000
Addis Ababa Zone 1 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa Stadium Addis Ababa 1000
Addis Ababa Zone 1 Addis Ababa, Bole International Airport Addis Ababa 1000
Addis Ababa Zone 2 Alem Gena 1150
Addis Ababa Zone 2 Alem Gena, Addis Ababa Liddetta Airport 1000
Addis Ababa Zone 2 Alem Gena, Mebrat Hayel Stadium 1000
Addis Ababa Zone 6 Ak’ak’i Besek’a 1230
Dire Dawa Dire Dawa Melka Jebti 3020
Dire Dawa Alemaya 3220
Dire Dawa Dire Dawa 3000
Dire Dawa Dire Dawa, Aba Tenna Dejazmatch Yilma Airport 3020
Dire Dawa Dire Dawa, Dire Dawa Stadium 3000
Dire Dawa K’ersa 3220
Afar Afar Zone 1 Afambo 7260
Afar Zone 1 Alito 7240
Afar Zone 1 Asayita 7260
Afar Zone 1 Ch’ifra 7240
Afar Zone 1 Dedai 7260
Afar Zone 1 Deda’I 7260
Afar Zone 1 Dermadu 7240
Afar Zone 1 Dubti 7240
Afar Zone 1 Eli Wiha 7240
Afar Zone 1 Elida’ar 7260
Afar Zone 1 Harbu 7240
Afar Zone 1 Lofefle 7260
Afar Zone 1 Logiya 7240
Afar Zone 1 Manda 7260
Afar Zone 1 Mile 7240
Afar Zone 1 Serdo 7240
Afar Zone 1 Tendaho 7240
Afar Zone 2 Aroley 7220
Afar Zone 2 Asale 7220
Afar Zone 2 Berahle 7220
Afar Zone 2 Dalol 7220
Afar Zone 2 Deba’Ina 7220
Afar Zone 2 Mengela 7220
Afar Zone 2 Shehet 7220
Afar Zone 2 Urucur 7220
Afar Zone 3 Algeyta 7240
Afar Zone 3 Amibara 7240
Afar Zone 3 Arraha 7240
Afar Zone 3 Awash 7240
Afar Zone 3 Dedecha 7240
Afar Zone 3 Gawani 7240
Afar Zone 3 Teo 7240
Afar Zone 3 Teo, Lower Valley of the Awash 7240
Afar Zone 3 Trena 7240
Afar Zone 4 Didigsala 7220
Afar Zone 4 Sifani 7220
Amhara Agew Awi Addis Kidan 6040
Agew Awi Adis K’Idame 6040
Agew Awi Dangila 6040
Agew Awi Enjebara 6040
Agew Awi Injibara 6040
Agew Awi Wahats’a 6040
Debub Gondar Adis Zemen 6240
Debub Gondar Bilbaho 6240
Debub Gondar Debre Tabor 6300
Debub Gondar Gasay 6300
Debub Gondar Gwada 6240
Debub Gondar Ibnat 6240
Debub Gondar Mahdere Maryam 6300
Debub Gondar Nefas Mewch’a 6300
Debub Gondar Sali 6300
Debub Gondar Werota 6240
Debub Gondar Yifag 6240
Mirab Gojam Adet 6000
Mirab Gojam Bahir Dar 6000
Mirab Gojam Bure 6140
Mirab Gojam Debre May 6000
Mirab Gojam Dengel 6180
Mirab Gojam Dilish 6000
Mirab Gojam Finote Selam 6180
Mirab Gojam Gorgora 6000
Mirab Gojam Jiga 6180
Mirab Gojam K’unzila 6000
Mirab Gojam Wemberya 6000
Semen Gondar Abderafi 6200
Semen Gondar Abertege 6200
Semen Gondar Adi Ar Kay 6200
Semen Gondar Amba Giyorgis 6200
Semen Gondar Angereb 6200
Semen Gondar Aykel 6260
Semen Gondar Azezo 6260
Semen Gondar Azezo, Gondar Airport 6260
Semen Gondar Bagena 6200
Semen Gondar Bagena Amba 6200
Semen Gondar Bahita 6260
Semen Gondar Ch’Wahit 6260
Semen Gondar Debark’ 6200
Semen Gondar Debark’, Simien National Park 6200
Semen Gondar Degoma 6260
Semen Gondar Delgi 6260
Semen Gondar Ez Zair 6260
Semen Gondar Gedabiet 6260
Semen Gondar Gendawa 6260
Semen Gondar Gira Felase 6200
Semen Gondar Gonder 6200
Semen Gondar Gonder, Fasil Ghebbi Gondar Region 6200
Semen Gondar Mendaba 6260
Semen Gondar Metema 6260
Semen Gondar Nargadaga Deset 6260
Semen Gondar Wagna 6260
Semen Wello Dilbe 7220
Semen Wello Hamusit 7220
Wag Hemra Abergele 6200
Benshangul-Gumaz Asosa Abatimbo el Gumas 5220
Asosa Asosa 5220
Asosa Asosa, Asosa Airport 5220
Asosa Bambishi 5220
Asosa Belfodiyo 5220
Metekel Abu Mendi 6060
Metekel Almahel 6060
Metekel Bagusta 6060
Metekel Bumbadi 6060
Metekel Dongur 6060
Metekel Guba 6060
Metekel Omedla 6060
Gambela Gambela Zone 1 Gambela 5440
Gambela Zone 1 Gambela, Gambela Airport 5440
Gambela Zone 1 Gilawo 5440
Gambela Zone 1 Itang 5440
Gambela Zone 1 Seriti 5440
Gambela Zone 2 Abobo 5440
Gambela Zone 2 Agenga 5440
Gambela Zone 2 Apanauane 5440
Gambela Zone 2 Ciam 5440
Gambela Zone 2 Gesi 5440
Gambela Zone 2 Gog 5440
Gambela Zone 2 Periet 5440
Gambela Zone 2 Udia 5440
Gambela Zone 3 Buol 5440
Gambela Zone 3 Tirgol 5440
Gambela Zone 3 Tori 5440
Gambela Zone 3 Ugat 5440
Harari Harari Harar 3200
Harari Harar, Harar Jugol the Fortified Historic Town 3200
Harari Harer 3200
Harari Harer, Harrar Bira Stadium 3200
Oromia Arssi Abomsa 2040
Arssi Adele 2040
Arssi Agere Sisay 2140
Arssi Asasa 2120
Arssi Bekeksa 2040
Arssi Bek’oji 2120
Arssi Bilbilo 2120
Arssi Buccio 2120
Arssi Carri 2040
Arssi Dera 2140
Arssi Dino 2040
Arssi Gena 4500
Arssi Gobesa 4500
Arssi Gololcha 2040
Arssi Hamda Diksis 2140
Arssi Huruta 2140
Arssi Kofele 2120
Arssi Mechara 2040
Arssi Robe 4500
Arssi Robi 2140
Arssi Seru 2040
Arssi Shek Husen 2040
Arssi Sire 2140
Arssi Sire (2) 2120
Arssi T’icho 4500
Arssi Tinsa’E Birhan 2040
Bale Adaba 4520
Bale Agarfa 4540
Bale Aldie 4580
Bale Dagaio 4540
Bale Darde 4580
Bale Dibo 4580
Bale Dinsho 4520
Bale Dodola 4560
Bale Galcia 4540
Bale Ginir 4580
Bale Ginnir 4580
Bale Ginnir, Ghinnir Airport 4580
Bale Goba 4540
Bale Goro 4540
Bale Goro (2) 4540
Bale Gurgur 4580
Bale Haro Dibe 4540
Bale Idabo 4580
Bale Kokosa 4560
Bale Kololo 4580
Bale Kosi 4580
Bale Megalo 4540
Bale Meliyu 4540
Bale Mena 4540
Bale Nansebo 4560
Bale Oborso 4520
Bale Ramo 4580
Bale Robe 4540
Bale Robe, Robe Airport 4540
Bale Sorfta 4560
Bale Suca 4560
Semen Shewa Eydu 1000
Semen Shewa Gebre Guracha 1000
Semen Shewa Golje Giyorgis Bete Kiristyan 1000
Semen Shewa Muke T’uri 1000
Semen Shewa Robe 1000
Semen Shewa Sembo 1000
Semen Shewa Sendafa 1000
Semen Shewa Sheno 1000
Semen Shewa Sululta 1000
Semen Shewa Tulu Milki 1000
Somali Afder Bargheile 3080
Somali Busle 3080
Somali El Bi’oba 3080
Somali El K’oran 3080
Somali Ferfer 3080
Somali Godder 3080
Somali K’elafo 3080
Somali Kunyo 3080
Somali Mustahil 3080
Somali Sulsul 3080
Degehabur Aware 3260
Degehabur Bircot 3260
Degehabur Daga Medo 3260
Degehabur Daror 3260
Degehabur Degeh Bur 3260
Degehabur Dibber Uin 3260
Degehabur Dibile 3260
Degehabur El Fud 3260
Degehabur Gardor 3260
Degehabur Gos 3260
Degehabur Hascul 3260
Degehabur Maregh Dughleh 3260
Region Zone Zone/Area Postal Code
Degehabur Maregh Dughleh 3260
Degehabur Sasabeneh 3260
Fiq Dehen 3260
Fiq Fik 3260
Fiq Gandaba 3260
Fiq Godeli 3260
Fiq Hamarro Hadad 3260
Fiq Segag 3260
Gode Balbalaiar 3040
Gode Denan 3040
Gode Dibugur 3040
Gode Gabro 3040
Gode Gelhalali 3040
Gode Gode 3040
Gode Ididole 3040
Gode Ididole, Gode Airport 3040
Gode Imi 3040
Gode Megwin 3040
Gode Melka Bafeta 3040
Gode Melka Teka 3040
Gode Obdamer 3040
Korahe Giadabele 3060
Korahe K’ebri Dehar 3060
Korahe K’ebri Dehar, Kabri Dar Airport 3060
Korahe K’orahe 3060
Korahe Shilabe 3060
Korahe Uarandab 3060
Warder Balleh Ad 3120
Warder Domo 3120
Warder Dudub 3120
Warder Elmo Dere 3120
Warder Gedlegube 3120
Warder Geladi 3120
Warder Meridleh 3120
Warder Shehada 3120
Warder Welwel 3120
Warder Werder 3120
Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s Region Amaro Special Woreda Derba 4400
Bench Maji Bambu 5060
Bench Maji Bebeka 5060
Bench Maji Bendi 5140
Bench Maji Chele 5060
Bench Maji Jemu 5060
Bench Maji Kibish 5060
Bench Maji Maji 5060
Bench Maji Mizan Teferi 5140
Bench Maji Mizan Teferi, Mizan Teferi Airport 5140
Bench Maji Mui 5060
Burji Special Woreda Gembo 4400
Debub Omo Bako 4420
Debub Omo Bako, Baco Airport 4420
Debub Omo Bopa 4420
Debub Omo Bulchi 4420
Debub Omo Dimeka 4420
Debub Omo Gorra 4420
Debub Omo Jinka 4420
Debub Omo Kelem 4420
Debub Omo Kelem, Lower Valley of the Omo 4420
Debub Omo K’ey Afer 4420
Debub Omo Turmi 4420
Debub Omo Weyt’o 4420
Derashe Special Woreda Mande 4400
Keficho Shekicho Bihata 5040
Keficho Shekicho Bonga 5040
Keficho Shekicho Dimbira 5040
Keficho Shekicho Durra 5040
Keficho Shekicho Felege Selam 5040
Keficho Shekicho Gech’a 5160
Keficho Shekicho Shewa Gimira 5040
Keficho Shekicho Shishinda 5040
Keficho Shekicho Tepi 5160
Keficho Shekicho Wedifa 5160
Konso Special Woreda Fasha 4400
Semen Omo Abba Kella 4620
Semen Omo Amaro 4620
Semen Omo Ameya 4620
Semen Omo Angila 4620
Semen Omo Arba Minch’ 4400
Semen Omo Arba Minch’, Arba Minch Airport 4400
Semen Omo Bak’Ule 4400
Semen Omo Banja 4620
Semen Omo Belta 4400
Semen Omo Beto 4620
Semen Omo Bodollo 4620
Semen Omo Bole 4600
Semen Omo Bulk’i 4620
Semen Omo Ch’ench’a 4400
Semen Omo Ch’ida 4620
Semen Omo Dofo 4400
Semen Omo Felege Neway 4400
Semen Omo Feregosa 4400
Semen Omo Gelts’a 4400
Semen Omo Gena Bosa 4620
Semen Omo Guelta 4620
Semen Omo Tarch’a Sodo 4620
Semen Omo Wishaye 4600
Semen Omo Zanga 4620
Tigray Debubawi Adi Gudom 7000
Tigray Debubawi Adi Hana 7020
Tigray Debubawi Adi K’eyih 7020
Tigray Debubawi Dara 7140
Tigray Debubawi Debub 7020
Tigray Debubawi Dum 7020
Tigray Debubawi Inda Medhani Alem 7020
Tigray Debubawi K’orbeta 7020
Tigray Debubawi Kwiha 7000
Tigray Debubawi Kwiha, Alula Aba Nega Airport 7000
Tigray Debubawi Maych’ew 7020
Tigray Debubawi Mek’ele 7000
Tigray Debubawi Samre 7000
Mehakelegnaw Abi Adi 7080
Mehakelegnaw Abiy Adi 7080
Mehakelegnaw Adi Abun 7060
Mehakelegnaw Adwa 7060
Mehakelegnaw Agbe 7080
Mehakelegnaw Aksum 7080
Mehakelegnaw Aksum, Aksum 7080
Mehakelegnaw Aksum, Axum Airport 7080
Mehakelegnaw Dimbaza 7080
Mehakelegnaw Enticcio 7060
Mehakelegnaw Gelebeda 7080
Mehakelegnaw Hagareselam 7080
Mehakelegnaw Inda Aba Ts’Ahma 7060
Mehakelegnaw May K’inet’al 7080
Mehakelegnaw Sele 7080
Mehakelegnaw Siero 7060
Mehakelegnaw Yaha 7060
Mirabawi Adi Dairo 7120
Mirabawi Adi Remoz 6220
Mirabawi Adi Sak’A 7120
Mirabawi Akwi 6220
Mirabawi Amba Madre 7120
Mirabawi Biagundi 6220
Mirabawi Birkuta 6220
Mirabawi Denbe Bengul 7120
Mirabawi Gunguno 7120
Mirabawi Himora 6220
Mirabawi K’Ali 7120
Mirabawi May Barya 7120
Mirabawi Om Hajer 6220
Mirabawi Om Hajer, Humera Airport 6220
Mirabawi Saint Mikkae 6220
Mirabawi Sheraro 7120
Mirabawi Shiyaboni 7120
Mirabawi Sittona 6220
Mirabawi Togo Ber 7120
Mirabawi Yirga 7120
Misrakawi Abraha Azba 7160
Misrakawi Adigrat 7040
Misrakawi Agula 7160
Misrakawi Bizet 7040
Misrakawi Debir 7040
Misrakawi Dugum 7160
Misrakawi Frewayni 7040
Misrakawi Hawzen 7160
Misrakawi Idaga Hamus 7040
Misrakawi Wik’ro 7160

Addressing Challenges: Strengthening Ethiopia’s Postal System

Like any system, Ethiopia’s postal codes face challenges. These challenges range from infrastructural limitations to the need for constant updates. Addressing these issues is crucial to ensuring the smooth functioning of the postal system. This section explores potential solutions and innovations that can enhance Ethiopia’s postal services, making them more efficient and reliable.

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In conclusion, Ethiopia’s postal codes are the backbone of the nation’s communication network. Understanding their structure and significance empowers individuals and businesses, fostering efficient communication and connectivity. By embracing digital tools and resources, Ethiopians can enhance their postal experiences, ensuring the seamless flow of information and packages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the format of Ethiopia’s postal codes? A: Ethiopia’s postal codes typically consist of a combination of digits and letters, representing specific geographic areas within the country.

Q: Are postal codes essential for rural areas in Ethiopia? A: Yes, postal codes are vital for rural areas as they ensure accurate and timely delivery of mail and packages, fostering connectivity even in remote regions.

Q: How often are Ethiopia’s postal codes updated? A: Postal codes are periodically updated to accommodate changes in infrastructure and urban development, ensuring they remain accurate and relevant.

Q: Can I send international packages using Ethiopia’s postal codes? A: Yes, Ethiopia’s postal codes are recognized internationally, facilitating seamless international mail and package deliveries.

Q: Where can I find the most up-to-date postal code information for Ethiopia? A: The Ethiopian Postal Service and official government websites provide the latest postal code information for different regions and cities in Ethiopia.

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