A Complete List of Durban Postal Code in South Africa

In the bustling coastal city of Durban, South Africa, a seemingly insignificant string of numbers and letters holds tremendous importance – the Durban postal code. These postal codes play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth flow of mail, efficient package deliveries, and pinpointing locations in this vibrant city. In this article, we’ll explore the world of Durban postal codes, why they matter, and how to find yours.

What is a Postal Code?

A postal code is a numerical or alphanumeric code assigned to specific geographic areas, primarily for the purpose of sorting and delivering mail. Postal codes help postal services, courier companies, and businesses identify precise delivery destinations, ensuring that letters and packages reach their intended recipients without delay.

The Importance of Postal Codes

Postal codes are like the invisible threads that weave our mail delivery systems together. They streamline the process, making it quicker and more efficient. Without them, sending and receiving mail would be a chaotic endeavor. Postal codes are vital for several reasons, including:

  • Efficient Sorting: Postal workers can quickly sort mail based on postal codes, reducing the chances of mix-ups and delays.
  • Location Precision: They provide a precise location indicator, making it easier for couriers to find the correct destination.
  • Business Operations: For businesses, postal codes are essential for organizing customer databases, calculating shipping costs, and targeting marketing efforts.

Now, let’s shift our focus to Durban and its unique postal code system.

Durban: A Brief Overview

Durban, often referred to as South Africa’s “Golden Mile,” is a coastal city known for its stunning beaches, diverse culture, and thriving economy. It’s a place where tradition meets modernity, and this blend extends to its postal codes.

Durban Postal Code: Unpacking the System

How Durban Postal Codes are Structured

Durban’s postal codes follow a specific structure, which helps identify different regions within the city. These codes typically consist of four digits, followed by a space and two letters (e.g., 4001 DB).

The four digits represent the postal area, while the two letters help narrow down the location further. Each code corresponds to a particular neighborhood or suburb within Durban.

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Durban Postal Code Range

Durban’s postal codes cover a wide range of areas, from the bustling Central Business District (CBD) to the quieter suburbs along the coastline. Here are a few examples:

  • 4001: Durban CBD
  • 4007: Berea
  • 4022: Umhlanga
  • 4068: Westville

Knowing your specific Durban postal code is essential for various reasons.

Why Knowing Your Durban Postal Code is Crucial

Simplifying Mail Delivery

Your postal code ensures that your mail is routed correctly. Postal workers use it to determine which post office or distribution center should handle your mail, speeding up the delivery process.

Location Identification

In a city as large as Durban, knowing your postal code is like having a digital address. It helps friends, family, and delivery drivers locate you with ease.

E-commerce and Online Shopping

When shopping online, providing your correct postal code ensures that your packages are delivered to your doorstep and not lost in transit.

How to Find Your Durban Postal Code

Traditional Methods

  • Check Your Mail: Often, your postal code is printed on envelopes and packages you receive.
  • Contact the Local Post Office: You can call or visit your local post office to inquire about your postal code.

Online Postal Code Lookup Tools

In the digital age, finding your postal code has become more accessible. Numerous websites and tools allow you to enter your address and find your Durban postal code instantly.

Remember that accuracy is crucial when using these tools, as small errors can lead to incorrect postal codes.

List of Durban Postal Code


Suburb Street PO Box
Addington 4001
Amanzimtoti 4126 4125
Asherville 4091
Athena Gardens 4037
Austerville 4052 4005
Avondale Road 4001 4101
Bayhead 4052
Beach 4001
Bellair 4094 4006
Berea 4001
Berea Road 4001 4007
Bishopsgate 4001 4008
Bluff 4052 4036
Booth Junction 4094
Botanic Gardens 4001
Brighton Beach 4052
Buchanan Park 4001
Bushlands 4052
Carrington Heights 4001
Cato Manor 4091
Chatsworth 4092 4030
Clairwood 4052 4157
Congella 4001 4013
Dalbridge 4001 4014
Dormerton 4091 4015
Durban 4001 4000
Durban North 4051 4016
Durmail 4003
East End 4018
Esplanade 4001
Essenwood 4001
Galeheath 4001
Glen Anil 4051
Glenashley 4051 4022
Glenmore 4001
Glenwood 4001 4083
Greenwood Park 4051
Greyville 4001 4023
Grosvenor 4052
Happy Valley 4052
Hillary 4094 4024
Hippomere 4091
Howardene 4001
Hyper By The Sea 4053
Inanda 4309 4310
Isipingo 4133 4110
Isipingo Beach 4133 4115
Island View 4052
Jacobs 4052 4026
Kenneth Gardens 4001
Kenville 4051
King Shaka Int Airport 4407
Kings Rest 4052
Kings View 4052
Kirkwood Gardens 4001
Kwamashu 4359 4360
Lamontville 4027 4027
Laurien Crest 4028
Lornegrey 4085
Manor Gardens 4001
Marble Ray 4037 4035
Marine Parade 4001 4056
Marine Terminal 4001 4137
Marino Heights 4091
Marlborough Park 4052
Maydon Wharf 4001 4057
Mayville 4091 4058
Merebank 4052 4059
Merebank Central 4104
Merewent 4052
Mobeni 4052 4060
Mobeni Heights 4092
Montclair 4004 4061
Moore Road 4083
Morningside 4001
Mount Vernon 4094
Musgrave 4001 4062
Musgrave Road 4062
North Beach 4001 4063
Northdene 4093 4064
Northridge Park 4162
Northway 4051 4065
Ocean View 4052
Overport 4091 4067
Palmiet 4091
Pavilion 3611
Phoenix 4068 4080
Pinetown 3610 3600
Point 4001 4069
Puntans Hill 4091
Qualbert 4078
Queensburgh 4093 4070
Randrus 4091
Red Hill 4051 4071
Reservoir Hills 4091 4090
Reservoir Hills New 4148
Riverhorse Valley East 4017
Riverhorse Valley Ind Park 4017
Rochdale Park 4034
Roseglen 4091
Rosehill 4051
Rossburgh 4094 4072
Scottburgh 4180 4180
Sea Cow Lake 4051
Sea View 4094 4094
Sherwood 4091
Sihlabelelo 4362
Snell Parade 4001 4074
South Beach 4001
Sparks Est 4091
Springfield 4091
Springtown 4091
Stamford Hill 4001 4025
Summerfields 4162
Sydenham 4091
Tongaat 4399 4400
Treasure Beach 4052
Umbilo 4001 4075
Umbumbulu 4105
Umgeni 4001
University Of Kwazulu Natal 4041
Van Der Walt Park 4052
Verulam 4339 4340
Warwick Triangle 4010
Wentworth 4052
West Ridge 4091
West Riding 4091
Westville 3629 3630
Windermere 4001
Windsor Park 4001
Yellowwood Park 4004 4011


In conclusion, Durban postal codes are the unsung heroes of efficient mail delivery and location pinpointing in this beautiful South African city. Understanding your postal code not only ensures that your mail and packages reach you without hassle but also plays a vital role in the logistics of businesses and online shopping.

So, the next time you send a letter or order a package online, take a moment to appreciate the importance of those seemingly random numbers and letters – your Durban postal code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of a postal code?

A postal code’s primary purpose is to facilitate the efficient sorting and delivery of mail and packages by providing a precise location indicator.

2. How do postal codes benefit businesses?

Postal codes help businesses organize customer databases, calculate shipping costs, target marketing efforts, and streamline logistics.

3. Can postal codes change over time?

Yes, postal codes can change due to urban development, population growth, or reorganization of postal service areas.

4. Are postal codes unique worldwide?

No, postal code systems vary from country to country, and some regions within a country may have their own unique postal code structures.

5. Are there any specific postal code tips for Durban residents?

Ensure you use the correct postal code when sending mail or ordering online to avoid delivery delays. You can find your Durban postal code through traditional methods or online postal code lookup tools.

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