Dominica zip codes / Postal Codes – The Complete List

Dominica zip codes can also be called Dominica postal code or Dominica postcode. Dominica zip codes in Dominica is   00109

What is the Zip Code or Postal Code for Dominica ?

At this point i believe we must have learnt what a zip code, postal code and postcode means. But now what is the actual zip code for Dominica ? The answer is Dominica is 00109 ZIP CODES OR POSTAL CODES. zip codes are also used in most countries  Countries like Canada, South Africa, USA etc but not in Bahamas. That shouldn’t stop you from using a postal code,  Most people have resorted to using 00000 or 12345. These are numbers they generated by themselves.  I know that some of you will be asking what to use when filling a form online or when shopping online. you just have to use any code you like but i will suggest using 00000  Mind you 00000 is not the real postal code but since you really need to input your zip or postal code in a form you just have to use anything.

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