A Complete List of Centurion Postal Code in South Africa

Centurion, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of South Africa, boasts a unique postal code system that plays a crucial role in the efficient functioning of mail and package delivery services. In this article, we’ll delve into the Centurion postal code, exploring its significance, structure, and how it impacts the lives of its residents. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of this essential postal system.

The Basics of Postal Codes

Before we dive into the specifics of Centurion’s postal code, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of postal codes themselves. Postal codes are numerical or alphanumeric codes assigned to specific geographic areas. They simplify the sorting and delivery of mail by indicating the destination area.

The Role of Postal Codes

Postal codes are more than just a combination of numbers and letters; they serve several vital functions:

  1. Efficient Mail Sorting: Postal codes help postal services sort and group mail items for faster and more accurate delivery.
  2. Geographic Identification: They provide a geographical reference, making it easier to locate addresses on a map.
  3. Service Optimization: Postal codes aid in optimizing delivery routes and resource allocation.

Centurion: A Glimpse

Centurion, often referred to as the gateway to Pretoria, is a sprawling city with a rich cultural heritage. It is home to a diverse population and a burgeoning business community. Understanding the Centurion postal code is crucial for anyone residing in or dealing with this thriving city.

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The Centurion Postal Code

Centurion’s postal code, 0157, is more than just a series of digits. It holds the key to efficient mail delivery and serves as a geographical identifier within the city. Below is a complete list in tabulated format.

SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Amberfield CrestCenturion01570109
Amberfield Manor EstateCenturion01570158
Amberfield RidgeCenturion01570046
Amberfield ValleyCenturion0157
Celtisdal ExtWierdapark0157
Celtisdal Ext 11Wierdapark0157
Celtisdal Ext 20Wierdapark01570149
Celtisdal Ext 25Wierdapark01570149
Centurion Country ClubCenturion01570046
Clubview EastCenturion0157
Clubview Ext 1Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 10Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 2Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 24Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 27Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 3Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 39Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 4Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 47Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 5Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 51Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 7Centurion0157
Clubview Ext 8Centurion0157
Clubview WestCenturion0157
Cornwall HillCenturion01570178
Die HoewesCenturion01570163
Die Hoewes Ext 1Centurion0157
Die Hoewes Ext 126Centurion01570046
Die Hoewes Ext 197Centurion01570163
Die Hoewes Ext 2Centurion01570163
Die Hoewes Ext 22Centurion0157
Die Hoewes Ext 26Centurion01570046
Die Hoewes Ext 46Centurion0157
Die Hoewes Ext 88Centurion0157
Eco Park EstCenturion01570140
Eldo ManorCenturion0157
Eldo ViewCenturion01570149
Eldoraigne Ext 1Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 11Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 16Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 17Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 18Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 19Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 2Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 20Centurion01570171
Eldoraigne Ext 21Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 23Centurion01570171
Eldoraigne Ext 26Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 27Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 3Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 31Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 32Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 33Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 35Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 37Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 38Centurion01570171
Eldoraigne Ext 39Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 40Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 45Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 47Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 5Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 6Centurion0157
Eldoraigne Ext 9Centurion0157
Hennopspark Ext 1Centurion0157
Hennopspark Ext 15Centurion0157
Hennopspark Ext 2Centurion0157
Hennopspark Ext 3Centurion0157
Hennopspark Ext 32Centurion0157
Hennopspark Ext 39Centurion0157
Hennopspark Ext 4Centurion0157
Hennopspark Ext 5Centurion0157
Heritage Hill EstCenturion01570169
Heuweloord Ext 17Wierdapark01570173
Heuweloord Ext 2Wierdapark01570173
Heuweloord Ext 3Wierdapark01570173
Heuweloord Ext 4Wierdapark01570173
Heuwelsig EstateCenturion01570131
Highveld Ext 1Centurion01570169
Highveld Ext 10Centurion0157
Highveld Ext 11Centurion01570169
Highveld Ext 12Centurion0157
Highveld Ext 2Centurion01570169
Highveld Ext 43Centurion01570169
Highveld Ext 44Centurion01570169
Highveld Ext 47Centurion01570169
Highveld Ext 7Centurion01570169
Highveld Ext 8Centurion01570169
Highveld Ext 9Centurion01570169
Highveld ParkCenturion01570067
Highveld Techno ParkCenturion01570169
Irene Ext 10Pretoria0157
Irene Ext 39Pretoria0157
Irene Ext 44Pretoria0157
Irene Ext 49Pretoria0157
Irene Farm VillageIrene01570133
Kosmosdal Ext 13Centurion0157
Kosmosdal Ext 21Centurion0157
Kosmosdal Ext 51Centurion01570046
Kosmosdal Ext 52Centurion01570046
Kosmosdal Ext 55Centurion0157
Kosmosdal Ext 61Centurion01570149
Kosmosdal Ext 62Centurion01570187
Kosmosdal Ext 80Centurion0157
Kosmosdal Ext 81Centurion0157
Kosmosdal Ext 86Centurion0157
Louwlardia Ext 34Centurion01570140
Lowlardia Ext 48Centurion01570046
Lyttelton Ext 1Centurion0157
Lyttelton Ext 3Centurion0157
Lyttelton ManorCenturion01570140
Lyttelton Manor Ext 1Centurion0157
Lyttelton Manor Ext 11Centurion0157
Lyttelton Manor Ext 2Centurion0157
Lyttelton Manor Ext 3Centurion0157
Lyttelton SouthCenturion01570176
Monavoni Ext 14Wierdapark01570149
Monavoni Ext 3Wierdapark01570149
Monavoni Ext 6Wierdapark01570149
Monavoni Ext 9Wierdapark01570149
Pierre Van RyneveldCenturion01570045
Pierre Van RyneveldparkCenturion01570045
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 1Centurion0157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 13Centurion0157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 2Centurion0157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 20Centurion0157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 4Centurion0157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 7Centurion0157
Rietvallei ParkCenturion0157
Rietvlei RidgeCenturion0157
Rooihuiskraal Ext 1Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 10Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 17Rooihuiskraal0157
Rooihuiskraal Ext 18Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 19Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 20Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 22Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 3Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 6Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 7Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 8Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal Ext 9Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal NorthRooihuiskraal0157
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 1Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 14Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 16Rooihuiskraal0157
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 17Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 18Rooihuiskraal01570157
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 19Rooihuiskraal0157
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 23Rooihuiskraal01570158
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 25Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rooihuiskraal North Ext 27Rooihuiskraal01570154
Rua VistaCenturion01570157
Rua Vista Ext 9Centurion01570157
Savannah ParkCenturion01570014
Southdowns EstateIrene01570062
Stone Ridge Country EstateWierdapark01570149
Sunderland RidgeCenturion0157
Sunderland Ridge IndustrialCenturion0157
Tamara ParkCenturion0157
Thatchfield GlenCenturion01570158
Thatchfield ManorCenturion01570158
The ReedsCenturion01570061
The ReedsCenturion01570158
The Reeds Ext 10The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 14The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 15The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 19The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 2The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 20The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 3The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 5The Reeds01570158
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
The Reeds Ext 6The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 9The Reeds01570158
Villa RosaCenturion0157
Waterkloof Air Force BaseWaterkloof0157
Wierda GlenWierdapark01570149
Wierda Glen EstatesPretoria0157
Wierdapark Ext 1Wierdapark01570149
Wierdapark Ext 2Wierdapark01570149
Wierdapark Ext 5Wierdapark01570149
Wierdapark Ext 6Wierdapark01570149
Wierdapark SouthPretoria01570057
Zwartkop Ext 2Centurion0157
Zwartkop Ext 4Centurion01570046
Zwartkop Ext 5Centurion0157
Zwartkop Ext 6Centurion0157
Zwartkop Ext 7Centurion01570051
Zwartkop Ext 8Centurion01570051

How the Centurion Postal Code Works

Now that we’ve introduced the Centurion postal code, let’s explore how it functions and its impact on daily life in the city.

Geographical Segmentation

The Centurion postal code, 0157, is divided into several smaller zones or suburbs. Each suburb is assigned a unique set of numbers within the code. This segmentation ensures that mail is sorted accurately and reaches its destination promptly.

Delivery Efficiency

Efficiency is at the core of the Centurion postal code system. With accurate postal codes, residents and businesses can expect timely deliveries of essential items, from letters to packages.

Centurion’s Changing Landscape

As Centurion continues to grow and evolve, so does its postal code system. Let’s take a look at how changes in the city impact postal codes.

New Developments

As new residential and commercial areas emerge in Centurion, the postal code system must adapt to accommodate these changes. This ensures that mail reaches its intended recipients, even in rapidly developing regions.


In conclusion, the Centurion postal code, 0157, is more than just a series of numbers; it’s a lifeline for the city’s residents and businesses. It facilitates the efficient flow of mail and packages, ensuring that Centurion remains connected to the rest of South Africa and the world. So, the next time you see 0157 on an envelope, remember that it represents the beating heart of Centurion’s postal network.


  1. What is the history behind Centurion’s postal code?

    The Centurion postal code, 0157, has evolved over the years to keep pace with the city’s growth. It was officially designated to Centurion to streamline mail delivery.

  2. How can I find the correct postal code for my Centurion address?

    You can easily find your postal code by using online postal code lookup tools or by contacting the local post office.

  3. Does the Centurion postal code apply to all areas within the city?

    No, Centurion is divided into various suburbs, each with its own unique postal code. It’s essential to use the correct code for your specific location.

  4. Can I use the Centurion postal code for other nearby cities?

    No, postal codes are specific to individual cities or areas. Using the wrong code can result in mail delivery delays.

  5. How does the Centurion postal code impact local businesses?

    The Centurion postal code plays a crucial role in the success of local businesses by ensuring timely delivery of orders and maintaining efficient communication with customers.

In this article, we’ve unraveled the significance of the Centurion postal code, delving into its role in ensuring efficient mail delivery and its impact on the dynamic city of Centurion. Whether you’re a resident or a business owner, understanding this postal code is essential for seamless communication and logistics within the city.

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