Canada postal code (The Complete List)

Canada postal code can also be called Canada zip code. Canada postal code consists of a alphanumeric, which is a combination of letters and numbers. zip codes are used to identify a specific geographic location, such as a city or town, within Canada.
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BCBritish ColumbiaV0A-V9ZVictoria
NBNew BrunswickE1A-E9HFredericton
NLNewfoundland and LabradorA0A-A8ASt John's
NTNorthwest TerritoriesX0E-X1AYellowknife
NSNova ScotiaB0C-B9AHalifax
PEPrince Edward IslandC0A-C1NCharllottetown
QCQuebecG0A-J9ZQuebec City

What is a Zip Code or Postal code

According to the dictionary, a zip code which is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan means a system used in the U.S. to facilitate the delivery of mail, consisting of a five- or nine-digit code printed directly after the address, the first five digits (initial code) indicating the state and post office or postal zone, the last four (expanded code) the box section or number, portion of a rural route, building, or other specific delivery location. while postal code means a mailing code system used in Canada similar to the zip code in the U.S. and the postcode in Britain. This is just the dictionary term because as of now many country uses zip codes and postal code.  Learn more about zip code

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