Alexandria Postal Code / Zip Code in Egypt (Complete List)

In the bustling city of Alexandria, where every corner tells a story, the postal code system stands as a crucial but often perplexing aspect of everyday life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of Alexandria postal codes, unraveling the mystery and providing you with all the information you need to ensure your mail reaches its destination seamlessly.

Understanding the Basics: What Exactly is a Postal Code?

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes in some regions, are numerical codes used by postal services to simplify the process of sorting and delivering mail. In Alexandria, these codes play a vital role in ensuring the swift and accurate delivery of letters and packages.

The Significance of Alexandria Postal Codes

Alexandria postal codes aren’t just random numbers; they hold valuable information about specific geographic areas. Understanding this significance can significantly enhance your mailing experience.

Decoding the Digits: How to Read an Alexandria Postal Code

An Alexandria postal code typically consists of a series of numbers that identify different areas within the city. Let’s break down these digits and decipher the information they convey, empowering you to comprehend the destination of your mail at a glance.

Cracking the Code: What Each Number Represents

Each digit in an Alexandria postal code has a unique meaning. From indicating broad regions to narrowing down to specific neighborhoods, understanding these digits can help you discern the destination without a map.

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Common Misconceptions: Debunking Alexandria Postal Code Myths

In the age of digital communication, misconceptions about postal codes often abound. We’ll debunk some common myths surrounding Alexandria postal codes, ensuring you have accurate information for all your mailing needs.

Myth #1: One Code Fits All

Contrary to popular belief, Alexandria is a vast city with diverse neighborhoods, each assigned a unique postal code. One code does not fit all, and understanding this diversity is key to efficient mail delivery.

Myth #2: Postal Codes Are Static

In reality, postal codes can change due to urban development or administrative reasons. Staying updated with the latest codes ensures your mail doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

List of Alexandria Postal Code / Zip Code

OfficeAddressPostal Code
Movement Center2 Mahmoud Salama u / Movement Center Building21511
Safia ZaghloulSafia Zaghloul St. Tower mouth / Attarine21512
Ras El Teen11 Saqr Pasha u / customs21513
Gardens waterfalls111 Liberty / east through the door21514
Muharram your67 Muharram Bey St.21515
Hadra tribal30 El Serail / door east21516
AttarineEl -Kashef Attarine21517
Salahuddin frankincenseSecurity Directorate / frankincense building21518
Alexandria ManshiyaU Chamber of Commerce / Sidi Gaber21519
ObeliskAttarine / 22 El Shaheed Mostafa Hafez21521
Bualeno22 perfect / Bualeno / Muharram Bey St.21522
Sidi Gaber328 Liberty Road Sidi Gaber21523
Ebrahemia sand112 Omar Lotfy St. / Ebrahemia21524
Camp CaesarOmar Lotfy / Door East St.21525
Shatby100 St. Alexander the Great / door east21526
BackusSt. station market / sand21527
Manshiya parkMohammad Karim / Montazah St.21528
Rushdie431 Liberty Road / Sidi Gaber21529
BolklyCoast Guard / Bolkly / building Sidi Gaber21531
San Stefano210 Abdel Salam Aref sand u21532
Inspection SwordsU beautiful Abu Harid / swords / park21533
Customs EscandriaalmaxCustoms Administration Building / Minaoualascndria21534
MaxTram Max / exotic rotation21535
Marine passenger terminal portThe customs office building / port21536
ExoticBosta / u Alkhalh21537
Housing Industrial swordsSt. Arabian swords / Montazah21538
Aasafira MontazahU Institute religious Aasafira / Montazah21539
Alexandria area recruitingK 38 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road21541
Provide Alexandria areaSaad Zaghloul St. building Central21542
Students City _ AlexandriaUniversity City building21543
Alexandria Faculty of EngineeringCollege building through the navigation / Almentz 521544
College of Agriculture AlexandriaCollege building through the navigation / Almentz 521545
Faculty of Islamic Studies GirlsCollege building through the navigation / Almentz 521546
Muharram your secondMuharram your21547
Cabinet of Alexandria GovernorateAlexandria Governorate building21548
Judges Club23 El Kamel Mustafa Bolekh21549
KabbariPublic housing Kabbari / Mina onions21551
Mina onionsHousing Aashobeih Mina onions21552
Wardian209 Max u / Mina onions21553
Manor SaadPrince El Hassan Saad manor / Sidi Gaber21554
Wholesale market for vegetables and fruitWithin the market / Muharram your21555
AnfoushiEl Sayed Mohammad Karim / customs21556
OmbrozrAmbrozo / public housing / Muharram your21557
Sultan Mosque50 El Sultan Mosque / symbols21558
Door SidraU to open next to the tram / ​​sand21559
Hadra sea215 Liberty / Middle Gate Road21561
Field ManshiyaHassan Tawfiq / Manshiya21562
Raml StationHighest tunnel Raml Station21563
Gheit grapes68 El alder tree / symbols21564
Gheit grapes sub129 Gheit Grape St. Alban / symbols21565
IconsIbrahim Pasha St. Pompey’s Pillar / symbols21566
SieveU beautiful Abu Harid / Montazah21567
Faculty of science21568
Ragheb Pasha89 Ragheb Pasha u / Muharram your21569
Nukrashi/ Montazah railway station building21571
Com AlhqavpPublic housing / com Alhqavp21572
Housing Industrial _ KabbariMaintaining housing Kabbari / Montazah21573
BarricadeSt. Barricade Block 821574
E Egyptian clubImam Citadel21576
Ittihad club21577
Hadra secondFarm houses Hadra / door east Prison21581
Sidi BishrKhalid Bin Walid St. / Aalmentzh21611
Central Sidi GaberCentral Building Sidi Gaber21612
SerailSt. Sidi Bishr tram station / Montazah21613
Central Sidi BishrCentral Miami / Montazah building21614
Manshyet SmouhaMustafa Kamel El / Smoha21615
Backus subSt. station market / sand21616
Sporting21 See Port Said Jaber St.21617
Cleoa Patra poolsSeif Yazal u / Cleopatra21618
Oppressed63 Abdel Salam Aref St. / sand21619
Manor bornMustafa Kamel Gabriel / sand u21621
MahrosaAhmed Abu Soliman St.21622
Sidi Bishr stationRailway station Sidi Bishr / Montazah21624
TosonInside the railway / Montazah station21625
Manor AirportU Channel Mahmudiya / Sidi Bishr21626
Bear MassoudSidi Bishr tram / ​​Park station21627
Derbala housingMalak Hanafi / Derbala / sand21628
Black headCity of Peace head Alsoade / Montazah21629
Sporting ClubClub / Sidi Gaber building21631
Manshyet scientistsEl Farouk front of ways Zgao21632
Manor fishermenU Channel / tribal land / customs21633
Faisal CityPopulated city building city Faisal21634
Muharram your passageMuharram passage of your administration21635
حوض 10Police navigation / Montazah21636
SaclamManor Saclam / Montazah21637
Manor SeaBehind Alexandria Pharmaceuticals / Montazah21638
AlzawadhManor Alzawadh Khurshid / Montazah21639
Security DirectorateSecurity Directorate / Smouha building21641
Horse owners clubThe clubhouse21642
Acacia ClubInside the clubhouse21643
Kilo housing 21Kilo housing 2121644
LagoonAdzn to resort21645
Smouha Sporting ClubManshyet Smouha21646
SmouhaManpower Building 2921648
Armed Services Smūha complexThe intersection of Canal St. Mahmudiya St. Adeimun Vermont Smouha21649
Engineers ClubSep Street Pasha21655
Abu Qir FertilizersComposting Kir / Montazah housing21911
GlobeRailway building / Montazah21912
Abu QirAbu Qir railway station building21913
Omar Mukhtar Akassay25 Omar Mukhtar u / sand21914
Go globeBeach / Montazah building21915
CobCompany Rakta u / Montazah21916
APIsVillage APIs / Muharram your21917
Stone the nuclear137 Stone St., the nuclear / sand21918
MontazahRailway building / Montazah21919
Manor KhurshidManor Khurshid / Montazah21922
MandaraMalak Hanafi / Montazah21923
Sahaba Mosque1 Isaac Rushdie u / sand21924
Eighth village _ APIsEighth village APIs / sand village21925
LafrahdhPublic housing Gheit grapes / symbols21926
Moon ValleyPortland Cement / exotic Company21927
Ajami BitashTeacher housing Bitash / exotic21928
Sidi Abdel KaderAngle Sidi Abdel Kader / Alexandria21929
AgharbanaatAgharbanaat / Alexandria City21931
Burj Al ArabAnwar Sadat u / Burj Al Arab21933
New Borg El ArabBorg El Arab / behind your city21934
UnstressedJoyful Village / Alex.21935
Central Burj Al ArabCity Burj Al Arab / Alexandria21936
Naval Academy _ Abu QirAcademy Kir / Montazah building21937
AwayedU beautiful Abu Harid / Montazah21938
The first village APIsFirst APIs / sand village21939
Mohsen manorMohsen manor Awayed / Montazah21941
Mustafa IsmailVillage Mustafa Ismail / Alexandria21942
Fourth village APIsFourth village APIs / Muharram your21943
Village tenth APIsOccasions House / Village tenth building21944
Ameria AlexandriaAmeria / Alex.23511
Investment Authority Free ZoneGeneral Investment Authority building23512
Sunrise VillageK 41.5 North Coast23611
Paradise Bianchi23612
APIs 723615
ManhoodEl Fath23623
Ajami passage23625
RenaissanceVillage Renaissance Ameria23641
Housing MubarakMubarak Ameria Alexandria housing23642
Palestine villagePalestine / Alexandria Village23711
Nasiriyah _ MarioutVillage Nasiriyah / Alexandria23712
King _ MarioutNile St. / King Mariout / Alex.23713
Freedom MailAbu silos Center23715
The first village Mariout sugar beetVillage Baghdad Alexandria23716
Baghdad MarioutVillage Baghdad Alexandria23717
Port MarioutProject graduates Ameria23718
HaouariaHaouaria / Alexandria neighborhood23719
The village of 15 sugar beetThe village of 15 sugar beet / Alexandria23721
MerghemModern marriage Ameria / Alexandria housing23722
GloryVillage pride – Ameria23725
Ahmed OrabiBurj El Arab23726
Algeria Mariout23735
Qhobanah to OukanKafr El Dawar78945
Mubarak (office closed)Mubarak (office closed)23724
Olympic Club21578
Airport (closed)Inside Airport / Airport Building (Closed 18/12/2010)21623
Semouha Complex for Pensions – ClosedManpower Building / Semouha (Closed on 1/11/2010)21647
Khurshid Marine AssociationOld School St. Beside El Khair Mosque – Khorshid El Bahareya21947
Teachers Beach ClubTeachers Beach Club next to the Stanley Bridge21656

Navigating Challenges: Tips for Smooth Mail Delivery in Alexandria

Navigating the intricacies of Alexandria postal codes can be challenging, but fear not! We’ve compiled a list of practical tips to ensure your mail reaches its intended recipient without a hitch.

Tip #1: Double-Check the Code

Before sending out any mail, double-check the recipient’s postal code. Accuracy is paramount in avoiding delays or misdelivery.

Tip #2: Include Detailed Addresses

Incorporate specific landmarks or notable locations in the address. This additional information can assist postal workers in locating the destination more easily.

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Conclusion: Making Alexandria Postal Codes Work for You

In conclusion, understanding Alexandria postal codes is not just about numbers; it’s about demystifying a system that keeps the city connected. By grasping the nuances of these codes, you empower yourself to navigate the intricate web of Alexandria’s neighborhoods effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I use the same postal code for multiple addresses within a building? Yes, different addresses within a single building can share the same postal code. However, apartment or unit numbers are essential for precise delivery.

Q2: What should I do if my mail is consistently misdelivered? If you experience persistent issues with misdelivered mail, contact your local post office to report the problem. They can assist in finding a solution.

Q3: Are there online tools to look up specific Alexandria postal codes? Yes, various online platforms allow you to look up specific postal codes in Alexandria. Utilize these tools for accurate addressing.

Q4: How often do postal codes change in Alexandria? Postal codes can change due to urban development or administrative reasons. It’s advisable to check with the local post office for the most recent updates.

Q5: Can I send mail without a postal code in Alexandria? While it’s possible, including a postal code significantly improves the accuracy and speed of mail delivery. It’s recommended to always include the correct postal code in your addresses.

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